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How effective is your marketing?

Does your website rank high in Google?

Are you attracting the right customers?

Do you get plenty of new leads?

How well is your website converting visitors?

Do you nurture customers for repeat business?

Do you feel confident in your website and marketing?

Are you satisfied with your marketing results?

If you answered “No”…then it’s time for a change.

A good website isn’t about you…it focuses on what your customers want!

Your website has a lot to do…

Your website is the foundation of all of your marketing. Built right, and it’s a marketing asset that helps bring you sales 24/7.

When it’s missing key elements, then you’re wasting your time, money, and business opportunities.

Don’t let that happen to you. Your website should:

Help people find you in the search engines, help visitors trust you, guide visitors to buy from you, and more!

A lot of people think website content should be about their business. We think that’s wrong. Content should be what your prospects want to see…what it will take to turn them into customers.

How does your website stack up?

Request your website snapshot scoring these six areas:

Design – is it modern, presenting well on all devices?

UX – does the User Experience make it easy to use?

Conversion – does your message encourage action-takers?

Visibility – does your website rank well in Google?

Security – are visitors safe on your website?

Performance – does your website pass Google’s speed test?

You’re 3 steps away to improve your marketing…


Request a website review

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Get a clear action plan

Use the scorecard to fix critical areas and implement an action plan for long-term improvement.


Grow your business

Better website marketing will attract visitors, create sales and fuel your business’s growth.

You could be growing your business quickly…like these success stories:

Arabian Jockey Club required a membership solution to provide customers a specific path for purchasing information about horses. It also needed a way to generate residual income to supplement their foundation, which has been accomplished by selling memberships, advertising, and directory listings to people across the globe.

“Our previous web developer could not provide the updated informational solutions we needed for members. The website built by Naomi Lolley solved this. We now have thousands of visitors from around the world who rely on our database of information, and they can access this easily through our website.”

Kathy Smoke and Susan Meyer – AJC Board of Directors –


Gilbert Chocolates had no online store and was not visible in the search engines for any of their three retail stores. We developed an SEO strategy that helped their location visibility in Google. Their new eCommerce shopping system is an additional reliable merchandising center, especially during seasonal sales.

“Their team has been managing our website and online marketing for over five years; and has helped our eCommerce business to steadily grow over that time.”

Brian Krichbaum – Co-Owner –


D & N Upholstery’s team wasted time traveling to prospect locations to provide quotes for reupholstering heirloom furniture. Our automation of his sales process saved hours of his time while keeping his production schedule booked solid more than 90 days in advance.

“Our website visits have quadrupled; and we get a lot of keyword-specific hits from across the region. The quote tools built into the website have helped with customer conversion in addition to saving me time in the normal sales cycle of projects.”

David Bailey – Owner – D&N


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