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Local Marketing Agency – Adrian MI

Frustrated with marketing your business?

Starting or growing a business is hard work. When you’re running a local business with limited resources, you’re constantly juggling priorities.

You’re trying to please customers, train employees, manage the endless paperwork, and figure out how to make more sales, especially during slow days. You’d also like to somehow carve out time for your own life and family.

It’s a lot.

Somewhere in there, you know you need to do that “marketing thing”, whatever that looks like for your business.

So, you search for what your competitors are doing and try to copy that…without really knowing if it works for them. Then you look at the big-name brands and think, “If it works for them, it must work for me too.”

Then you heard of the latest new “thing” at a networking meeting, or from one of those pushy cold-call sales marketers.

You’re jumping from one tactic to another. Pretty soon, it feels like throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks and makes a difference.

Sadly, it often doesn’t. It’s frustrating, and your only measurement is wasted time and money.

Don’t let potential customers pass you by because you don’t have all your marketing ducks in a row!

That’s why having a trusted marketing partner is important.

My Mission:

To help local business owners be competitive online, empowering them to grow their business and serve their customers.

My Journey Towards Offering Online Marketing Services

Hi there! I’m Naomi Lolley and I love to geek out about Google, ranking websites, and writing content that connects with your customers.

While others like to relax in front of the TV, I’m usually following the latest marketing studies, trends, and algorithm changes.

I do have a life as well, supporting my husband, David, with his investment business and encouraging our two sons in their own entrepreneurial journeys.

Writing is my thing. I have a background in journalism, both with the U.S. Army and for civilian newspapers.

I love to craft words into action, and previously helped hundreds of job seekers find better professions through resume development.

I saw that local businesses needed help with similar words, selling their services to potential customers.

Putting those better-selling words on a website as a 24/7 salesperson could help empower local businesses to grow online, so ImInBiz was formed in 2003.

By contracting with other professionals in the marketing and web design industry, we ensure you get the perfect package to fit your goals.

I help local businesses who have a vision for growth, can make an investment in their future, and take advice about the strategies that will work best for them.

Ready for a positive change?

If you’re frustrated by the constant barrage of marketing changes, stressed about outpacing your competitors, and worried about new sales, we should have a chat.

I make marketing easier, giving you time back to run your business.

Let’s Talk!