about our company

Customized Online Marketing by Trusted Digital Business Consultants

ImInBiz is an online marketing agency located in Southeast Michigan, and provides a variety of marketing services and digital business consulting for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Businesses don’t always have the time or knowledge about today’s new marketing tools and strategies to handle all of the marketing needed to help promote their business.

Many businesses are cautious about using Internet marketing strategies, and are comfortable with reliable, traditional marketing methods. Traditional marketing still works in many areas, but can be greatly enhanced when combined with Internet marketing techniques that help convert customers and make more sales.

Internet marketing is unique for each business, and for each location. A national office supply chain would typically have different marketing goals than a local funeral home, for instance.

While there are some similarities in the flow of a successful marketing campaign, the uniqueness of each business will warrant different methods and strategies.

When working with your business, we strive to learn as much as we can about your business, your market place and audience, your products, and what you’re currently doing to grow your business.

It’s through this knowledge that we’re able to make recommendations, fix strategies that aren’t working, and put in place missing pieces that are hindering your businesses growth.

To achieve the outcome you’re looking for, we offer a lot of different products and services for both online and offline marketing. It’s our mission and objective to provide solutions to problems that are holding your business back from achieving the growth it needs and is capable of achieving!